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Per-cus-sion /per-'ke-shen/ - noun
a : the beating or striking of a musical instrument


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Welcome to your information source for all things percussion. We'll be adding lots more real soon so stay tuned.


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Percussion Lessons - Visit Drum Lessons .org for "organized" drum lessons online.

As this site grows, you'll be able to find information on several different drum and percussion topics. Learn about percussion in it's various forms. We'll provide resources such as this valuable online database as well as other 'don't miss' sites. We'll cover origins of percussion, articles on different techniques, drumming lessons, related schools and information on the history of percussion instruments.

  • Drum Lesson Database - Over 500 drum lessons. Includes many links to latin percussion and world drumming.

When most people think of percussion, they think of instruments like the congas, bongos or marching drums. But there is so much more to this whole 'percussion' world. You have drums with membranes (called membranophones) or skins (drum heads) like tom toms on a drumset or timpani and then there are instruments that create their sound through the entire body of the instrument like wood blocks, cowbells or cajons. These are called 'idiophones'.

When the term percussion is used, it can refer to Latin or African instruments, Mid-Eastern instruments or even instruments that originate from the Carribean like steel drums (also called the pans). Percussion also refers to a section of an orchestra or large band - the percussion section.

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Percussion Info / Percussion Links to World Drumming Websites
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